Awesome place.

Super welcoming and friendly instructors.

Gumbi and crew really made the entire process easy, educational and inviting, cant wait to start training here, already have several friends interested!


Great atmosphere. Tough but productive training. Instructors are friendly and professional but their goal is to grow your game not just give you back pats and take a check. Me and my son train here. Definitely recommend for people who wanna train and get better while still living their normal lives.


Been training for over a year at CSC RVA. This place is the best in the business! Whether your looking to learn self defense, gain discipline, or just workout - this is the place to be. Highly recommend.

Tyler Mcanney

When I first entered this gym I had a good feeling about it. The focus on pad work and combinations was immediately engaging and practical. I have been here for nearly half a year, and have enjoyed every class I've taken. The trainers are involved in the class and take time to help each student advance in skill.

Whether you're new to martial arts or are looking to take a journey towards being a champion, this is the place to be!

Pheonix Aise

Great instructors and great people. Great for women, ladies don't be afraid to try it out. Regardless of age you're made to feel welcome. Challenging but not overwhelming. I absolutely love it here and can't wait to get back in. My husband and I do the Muay Thai and Dutch classes.

Kerry Taylor

After taking a hiatus from working out/training soccer consistently for nearly a year and a half, I was out of shape and desperately needed some direction. I happened to hear about CSC RVA by word of mouth from one of my friends that trains Muay Thai in the DC area. I decided to check it out.

Nearly a month later, I'm so glad that I joined. I found something that I didn't know I needed in my life. It's reignited a spark and an obsession within me. I'd recommend CSC RVA ten times over to anyone (amateur or vet). If you want to push yourself, get healthy and gain a boost of confidence then join up. Kru and Gumby are great instructors and genuine guys.

Safe to say I'm hooked. And this will be a part of my life for a long, long time.

Jonah Wimmer

I take the boxing and JKD classes. Cool, laid-back vibes. Instructors are warm and welcoming. Clean. And they know their stuff. I have nothing negative to say. All positive. Don't believe me, come check it out 4 yourself.


Started training Muay Thai at CSC several months ago and they have definitely pushed my technique and endurance to a new level. Great instructors. Welcoming to all ages and skill levels. Would highly recommend.

Matt V

The goal of every review is to objectively rate an establishment without bias to give someone an idea of what to expect. However, with CSC RVA, this will be tough because I can't say enough good things about this gym. As someone with absolutely zero experience with a martial art, CSC has been the very definition of patient with me. Teachers like Gumby are knowledgable, friendly, and helpful as they find time in classes to help and focus on all their students. This is very much a community, maybe even a family, that wants everyone to succeed through hard work and discipline. If you have even the slightest interest in pursuing a martial art, I highly suggest taking their two free classes. I guarantee you will be sold. I know I was.


Right now I am basically starting from the bottom. Coming in and just starting out it is great to see the instructors along with other students showing me everything. I am really having a good time feeling a part of the class even though it is all new, I feel welcomed each time I come in. Thanks to everyone who far, my journey has just started

michael pilkerton

I started at CSC RVA around December 2015 and the experience has been amazing. The atmosphere is friendly, people are nice and the training is really focused and tough. There are a lot of gyms around that have "boxing" or "kickboxing" that are purely cardio experiences. Not knocking that if that's what your looking for but I wanted to train and learn.....CSC RVA does that. You train beside boxers and kickboxers that are actually in prep for upcoming fights! It's the real deal and I highly recommend it to anybody that like me want to take real boxing classes or real kickboxing classes.

D Man

STOP what your doing and come check this place out! The staff is pretty rad especially Gumby (I assume this is a gym nick name) he was my instructor. He kept my class upbeat and taught to my strengths. Each class was different which I liked because who wants the same repetitive class!

Margaret Buffey

I recommend this gym to anyone that Is trying to work on their skill, cardio and if your trying to be in a friendly community. I enjoy going here because they push you to a level where it's not overwhelming like almost dying but to a level of improvement and that can push you to get better.

Nic Scholbi

Best place to train Jiu Jitsu and boxing... very positive, motivated and pushes you to next level. It's only three classes so far but am seeing some amazing results. GUMBY(one of the trainer) explained me course very well and offered me to try two classes for free before I sign up... very patient and made me understand the training courses and walk me through the gym...Definitely, I would suggest everyone to try there training... u will know

siddhu sunny

I can't recommend this place enough! Their facilities are incredible and matched only by their knowledgeable and helpful instructors. I began taking Muay Thai classes as a substitute to joining a gym and I have not been disappointed! Very welcoming and for all ages!

Tyler Ward

My personal experience with CSC RVA has been the greatest time of my life. I've been training here since February of 2016 and let me tell you that this has been the best year I've had thus far. I walked in with little to no martial arts experience and told the coaches my goal was to start competing and one day be a pro fighter. I've been training Muay Thai/kickboxing, Wing Chung\JKD, and Battlefield Kali. After my coaches felt I was ready I started competing. I have done several exhibitions and have been able to mount a 3-0 fight record in a short period of time. The fight team has helped me to get ready for fights all over the country. We have traveled to compete twice in Indiana as well as in the Big Apple- NYC. Now they are getting me teady to represent our country (US team member) and bring home the gold in the Worlds Tournament which will take place in Tuscany, Italy the last week of October. This is my testimony...I can back all of my accomplishments up with pictures and videos on social media. Or you can see for yourself by dropping by and training with the CSCRVA family. Whatever your goal may be, the staff along with your peers will help you reach them. 10 out 10 stars, that's what I rate CSCRVA. Oss

Dielco Souza

This is THE PLACE - THE TRUE combat sport center where you get to be trained by the most experienced and dedicated coaches I have had a pleasure working with. There is truly no other place like this and only way to find out is to come and experience it your self. THE DRIVE TO SUCEED AND GET BETTER every day is encouraged by motivation, hard work and a lot of sweat!!!

Matt&Anita Cooke

I've only been to CSC a handful of times, but each time I go I learn something new. I can also feel myself getting stronger each time. The employees are so nice and friendly. They never fail to help you out. I recommend CSC to all!

Bella H

Csc RVA is one of the best gym's I've been in I've been doing Muay thai for two months now and I'm getting even better at it everyday. I love the environment the coaches and the people who train there I feel like I'm with family in CSC RVA

Mohammad Almeteb

My son has been going to CSCRVA for 8 years now. He has competed all over the USA and has had the opportunity to compete in the World Championships in Italy and Spain. He even won the Silver metal in his weight class. Their training is intense and provides opportunities for all who want to compete or just learn the fundamentals of Mauy Thai, Boxing, Battlefield Kali, and more. If you want to be trained by the best, then you need to train at CSCRVA.

Keith Nelson