Could you tell me what Dutch Kickboxing is all about?

Dutch kickboxing emerged in the 1970s in the Netherlands and it is a mix of Muay Thai, Kyokushin, and western boxing techniques. It differs from other styles because the emphasis is on non-stop forward pressure, high output of punches, and low kicks. If a kickboxer is using punches far more than kicks in a fight, that fighter is probably trained in Dutch Style.

Is Jeet Kune Do the Martial Art of Bruce Lee?

Bruce Lee developed an expression of martial arts that was personal to him called Jeet Kune Do (translated: Way of the Intercepting Fist). The art has as its symbolic representation what we call Bruce Lee's Core Symbol (see below) and uses as its main tenet: "Using no way as way; having no limitation as limitation."

Do you have both youth and adult Boxing classes?

With have adult Boxing classes in the daytime, nighttime and Saturday. The Youth Boxing is done at same time as adult Boxing. We also have separate all Youth Kickboxing and Muay Thai classes, which contain Boxing training with in them.

What is the difference in Kickboxing classes and Muay Thai classes?

Kickboxing and Muay Thai are two popular forms of combat sports and martial arts. Although they share some similarities, there are several differences between them. Some of the differences between Kickboxing and Muay Thai are their styles, their rules, and the techniques they each allow. Muay Thai allows knees, elbows, leg kicks, and the clinch, whereas Kickboxing doesn't. Their fighting stances and use of head movement are different too. Muay Thai is an ancient martial art originating from Thailand which has since grown into their national sport. Many of the techniques that are taught and allowed in Muay Thai, are not used in Kickboxing and in some cases, are even banned. Kickboxing, on the other hand, is a style of its own. Originating from full-contact Karate with boxing gloves, which grew in western popularity in the 80's with the movie The Kickboxer - which eventually became known as American Kickboxing. But over the years, as Muay Thai's techniques and style has influenced the sport of Kickboxing, we now see Kickboxing has diversified and evolved into different forms and styles of its own - but still referred to just as 'Kickboxing'.

Is Boxing considered a Martial Art?

Yes, Boxing is considered a martial art because it fits the definition of a martial art perfectly. It is a combat skill that can be used for self-defense, as a sport, or used by the military as a means of close-quarters combat. Boxing has systemized methods of training for the purpose of combat.

Why is Youth Martial Arts classes good for your child?

Many parents put their children in martial arts classes as a fun and positive activity that teaches them valuable lessons and works off their energy. Martial arts can be a vital part of a child's life, teaching values and instilling upstanding character traits that carry over into adulthood.

Do you offer daytime classes?

Yes, we offer daytime Boxing classes, Kickboxing classes, Muay Thai classes, as well as Youth Martial Arts classes.

Do have contracts?

We offer a 12 Month Program, a Month-to-Month Program and a Punch card.