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Youth Programs
Combat Sports Center (CSC RVA) offers three programs for the younger warriors, Youth MMA/Muay Thai Kickboxing, Youth Boxing and Youth Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. These programs give students a chance to learn self-defense, discipline, confidence, and life skills that will give your child the advantage that he or she needs in our fast paced society.

Kid's feel a sense of accomplishment every day while learning martial arts. Why? Because it's refreshing to conquer new challenges outside of the academic and social structures that shape their lives at school. Learning a new skill gives your child confidence. Most children have never experienced martial arts before, and are sure to feel great about themselves as they master new skills and techniques.

Bully-Proof your children. Increasingly in the news we are hearing and reading about bullying and the affects that bulling is having on children. Children who have the confidence to deal with physical aggression will realize that they not only have the technical skills to overcome an attack, but will also show confidence in their every day behavior. Those children are less likely to be attacked and less likely to initiate a fight. These are the reasons that parents enroll their children in martial arts programs. At CSC RVA we help children learn how to diffuse a situation with words, not by initiating a physical confrontation.

Youth Program

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