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Training Tips
Mentally Prepared
To get the most out of training, you need to come to class mentally prepared to do the work and follow the instructions. Whether you have had previous martial arts training or brand new to martial arts, to learn something new one needs to set aside any preconceived notions and just be open to the learning process. For example, if you go to the store looking for a new winter coat, you'll need to take off your old coat to try on the new coat.

Partner Drilling
The majority of the drilling is done as partners. This is a great way to get more work accomplished within the allotted class time. While one partner is honing their technique, the other partner is developing other important elements such as stance, footwork, timing and distance. The important idea is for students to vary their partners from beginners to senior students. While senior students may push you to excel, junior students will cause you to understand the techniques and drill better by having to explain and breakdown those techniques and drills.

Students will find that physical conditioning will be an important element of all classes. The better conditioned a person is, the longer they can sustain a physical activity. A student that is new to fitness may have to take their time to develop their stamina levels, but this is the normal process so don't be discouraged. Athletes coming into these classes will see the increase in muscle endurance, eye and hand coordination, and cardiovascular fitness. Outside "road work" is always encouraged and will help give you the extra wind needed to have more successful technique.