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Dutch Kickboxing
Dutch Style Kickboxing is a form of Kickboxing that originated from the Netherlands. It combines Muay Thai and Japanese Kickboxing. Dutch Style Kickboxing not only incorporates Muay Thai for its basics, but also uses Japanese kickboxing, which is a combination of Japanese boxing and Kyokushin Karate. Japanese Kyokushin Karate focuses on speed and agility, and the philosophy behind Kyokushin was meant to bring self-improvement, training, and discipline. Dutch Style Kickboxing was founded in the Netherlands in 1976, when the founders brought both Muay Thai and Japanese Kickboxing together to create the Dutch version of the kickboxing art. Our Dutch Kickboxing classes offer a student the opportunity to train with intensity in this dynamic method of training, while getting overall conditioning, fitness and confidence.

Dutch KickboxingDutch KickboxingDutch Kickboxing