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Adult Programs

Muay Thai
Muay Thai, freely translated as Thai-style boxing, is probably the toughest stand up, contact sport in the world today. Muay Thai is a martial art thought to be over 1,000 years old. It evolved from a warrior art to be the national sport of Thailand today. This devastating martial art combines Western style boxing with elbow and knee strikes and a unique method of kicking with maximum power. Muay Thai has a heavy focus on body conditioning. Muay Thai is specifically designed to promote the level of fitness and toughness required for ring competition. Training regimens include many staples of combat sport conditioning such as running, shadowboxing, rope jumping, body weight resistance exercises, medicine ball exercises, abdominal exercises and strength training. Muay Thai has influenced fighting styles around the world from the US to Holland to famous televised Kickboxing promotions such as K-1 and GLORY. Our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes offer a student the opportunity to learn one of the most effective martial arts while getting overall conditioning, fitness and confidence.

Dutch Kickboxing
Dutch Style Kickboxing is a form of Kickboxing that originated from the Netherlands. It combines Muay Thai and Japanese Kickboxing. Dutch style kickboxing not only incorporates Muay Thai for its basics, but also uses Japanese kickboxing, which is a combination of Japanese boxing and Kyokushin Karate. Japanese Kyokushin Karate focuses on speed and agility, and the philosophy behind Kyokushin was meant to bring self-improvement, training, and discipline. Dutch Style Kickboxing was founded in the Netherlands in 1976, when the founders brought both Muay Thai and Japanese Kickboxing together to create the Dutch version of the kickboxing art. Our Dutch Kickboxing classes offer a student the opportunity to train with intensity in this dynamic method of training, while getting overall conditioning, fitness and confidence.

Boxing, or fighting with fists comes naturally to people; the ancient Greeks were the first to make a sport of it; by creating rules and staging tournaments with combatants. The birth hour of boxing as a sport may mark its allowance as an Olympic game as early as 688 BCE. Modern boxing evolved in Europe, particularly Great Britain with the introduction of the Marquess of Queensbury Rules in 1867, which have been the general rules governing boxing ever since. Although there are only four basic punches, the "sweet" science of boxing's effectiveness is in its simplicity. With no complex moves or techniques, boxers are free to develop their skills to a highly refined level. Boxers are known as some of the best conditioned athletes in the world. Whether it is for fitness, self-confidence, or to try your hand at competitive boxing, our classes can help you obtain your goals.

Battlefield Kali
Battlefield Kali is a great system for those looking specifically for weapons training, or those just starting out in martial arts. It is quick to learn and teaches excellent timing and distance.

"Battlefield Kali is comprised of the "brilliant basics" that will give you true confidence in your self-defense skills. This program was developed through countless hours of sparring over several decades, so each and every technique, tactic, and training method has been thoroughly tested under full-resistance conditions. While derived predominantly from the Filipino martial arts of Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis, elements of Jeet Kune Do, Zulu Stick fighting, Wrestling, Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Silat, and other arts are present because these additions have proven useful in fighting," notes Burton Richardson (founder). We spar with gear and padded weapons during our training to test and practice the system, for fitness, fun and great stress relief!

Train like a fighter and lose weight. Whether you are someone who is competitive, a fighter who wants to compete, an athlete who has a sport, or just someone who wants to look sexy and be strong, Combat Conditioning is a program that is dedicated to improving your performance, fitness, and potential. We bring together a team of dedicated, passionate, and educated trainers to create a non-traditional fitness facility. Our goal is to make sure you are ready for whatever life's physical demands throw at you. More Fitness

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